Sesame Seeds ~ per 100g

Sesame Seeds ~ per 100g

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Our Natural Hulled sesame seeds are vegan and packed full of nutrition. For such tiny seeds they have a wealth of nutrients and are a fantastic source of essential fatty acids that are good for the body.  Great raw or why not try toasted to add some excitement to the natural flavour.

Benefits of sesame seeds

  • High in fibre
  • Plant protein (5g of protein per 3 tbsp)
  • Good source of B vitamins including Thiamine (great for vegans)

Ways to enjoy sesame seeds

  • Sprinkle on a bowl of miso tofu and sticky rice
  • Add to salads and stir fries for extra nutrition
  • Use in bread making for flatbreads, naans and tortilla wraps
  • Try adding to the blender for your morning smoothie
  • Add to hummus recipes and finish with a dusting of seeds to serve