How it works


How to Refill in Store

Bring in your own containers .. existing sugar bag, Tupperware container, glass jars, old washing up bottles...we fill anything as long as it is clean and dry, we love customers imagination for the reuse of old packaging.

Weigh:- We weigh your containers while they're still empty - all refills in store are sold by weight even liquids.

Fill:- You tell us what you would like and we fill your container.

Re-Weigh:- We re-weigh to calculate the weight of your product (minus the weight of your container)

You Pay:- Only for the weight of your's that easy

This helps to cut down on waste not only by eliminating the need for our products to be packaged but also by allowing you to purchase only the amount you need, cutting down on food waste.

Your food is safe with us:-We wash and sanitise our hands, counter surface, scales, till and food canister handles between serving every customer ~ your health is very important to us.