About Us

Unsealed is a family run Eco friendly refill shop based in Clacton on sea in Essex, born from a dream to live a sustainable life in a low waste world, with a lot less plastic.

As a family we have never been wasteful, following in the “make do and mend” footsteps of parents and grandparents. We were, however, guilty of creating our own single use plastic waste so we started to cut single use plastic items from our lives. Refusing to buy products encased in single use plastic, challenging companies as to why their products were packed in this way and asking them to do better. Our plastic free, low waste journey was far from easy as there were so many products we couldn’t buy plastic free. This got us thinking what could we do to help ourselves and others to shop in a sustainable low impact way and the idea of UnSealed was born.

Living in a coastal town we became increasingly distressed by the plastic pollution we noticed whilst walking on the beach and in the streets. Hearing on the news about where our country’s waste was ending up and how much avoidable waste we as a population create along with the shock of discovering that our area was ranked 320th out of 345 local authorities, with a mere 27% of our household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting spurred us on to follow our dream.

At UnSealed absolutely everyone can shop with us plastic free - woohoo - either in store or via our online shop.

UnSealed – the Weigh to save.